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Is your Website a Non-Revenue-Generating Liability?

Millions of business owners worldwide invest in websites to announce their existence to the world. Unfortunately, the majority of these businesses remain virtually unknown to the masses while never seeing any returns on their investment. Don't let this happen to your business.

At Ataj Solutions, Inc. we provide comprehensive website audits that serve to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your website. We know that the design, standard features and construction of your website is determined by the nature of your business. We closely examine your website to make sure that it is properly programmed and user-friendly. As a valued client, you have acces to all of the benefits of our in depth understanding of computer programming, website production, design and hosting all in one! The team at Ataj Solutions, Inc. delivers bundled solutions for your convieneince and a quality product on time, every time!

We have developed a unique website auditing process that we call, "The A.T.A.J. Solution Process". We are very thorough in our approach and it consistently yields great results for our clients.

There are four steps in the A.T.A.J. Solution Process:

1. Analyze
The initial and most important phase where we analyze and assess your technology needs based on the strategic goals and objectives of your existing business. We aim to fully understand what you are specifically trying to accomplish with your website.

2. Target
We assure that we fully understand the purpose of your website, we then target any problem areas. We key in on anything that hinders the efficiency and functionality of your site.

3. Adjust
Next, we adjust our methods to best suit your technology needs and your budget. For your convenience, we offer several affordable project plans.

4. Join
We join our proven techniques with your website needs to create the perfect solution for you. We successfully unify purpose and function for your website. Your website joins the portfolio of the most comprehensive website technology company.

Contact us and set up an appointment for your website audit today!

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